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Below are some “file” comparisons/clips from this pc. ; reformatted a bit for quick comparison. I’ve spotted a couple of other variances from my file. Will write separately about these. I’m using TMG, and in a recent list discussion, the concept of a “Proof” tag was discussed. Elizabeth actually wrote to several of us separately about the proof concept). I may add a tag about these variances.
BTW also, there is a John Diamond Preston who “feels” as though he is related to this line, and some link him. I’ve just not found enough records. Will have to write about this separately. --GJ

John Presson, or Praesbury, whose name
has been variously spelled as above noted, was
at Saco, Maine, previous to King Philip’s war,
and bought land there in 1670. He was a
shoemaker and planter, and also engaged in
the fisheries. He had a seat in the church in
1675, from which fact it may be assumed that
he was a man of piety. His death is recorded
in 1687, but there appears no distinct account
of his wife, her name, their marriage, nor any-
thing by which may be determined the names
of all their children. John had several children,
however, and among them were sons
William and

William Presson, or Praesbury, son of John,
died before 1717. He is the William Presson
referred to in Babson’s “Gloucester” as hav-
ing died leaving young children, one of whom
was the father of William Presson, who went
from Beverly and settled on the Chebacco
road, where he was a tailor. William Pres-
son, son of John, married Priscilla Randall,
born 1666, died April 23, 1752, daughter of
Richard Randall, of Saco, Maine.
and Priscilla had among their children five
sons, and on that account he was given lands
at Beverly, Massachusetts. The name of Wil-
liam first appears at Beverly in 1691, and he it
probably was who changed the spelling of his
family name from Praesbury to Presson. He
was a carpenter, a husbandman, and like his
father he too engaged in fishing. He proba-
bly was about fifty years old at the time of his
death. Children of William and Priscilla
(Randall) Presson:
1. Nehemiah, born January 18, 1692; married Abigail Allen, christened 1720, and died 1740.
2. Mary, born March 5, 1695.
3. Stephen, born May 3, 1697.
4. Benjamin, born January 1, 1700; married, 1723, widow Mary Woodbury, daughter of William Hilton.
5. Randall, born April 3, 1702; died March 27, 1744; married, July 2, 1723, Susanna Stone, and had children (see post).
6. William, baptized 1719.
7. Nathan, born May 18, 1707.
8. Ruth, born May 25, 1710.

Randall Presson, son and fifth child of Wil-
liam,, and Priscilla (Randall) Presson, born
in Beverly, April 3, 1702, died there, March
27, 1744. His occupation was that of a tailor.
July 2, 1723, he married Susanna, daughter of
John Stone, granddaughter of Nathaniel
and great-granddaughter of John
Stone, born 1595, the first settler, but of
whom the records give no account. Randall
and Susanna (Stone) Presson had children:
1. Susanna, born in 1723; died in infancy.
2. William, baptized 1727; died young.
3. Susanna, christened in 1727.
4. Andrew, born May 8, 1729; was a tailor and sea captain; married Mary Lambert.
5. John, born May, 1731; died June 5, 1731.
6. John, born April 3, 1733; died 1734.
7. Lucy, born 1735; married Benjamin Redding.
8. William, born April 20, 1737.
9. Elizabeth, baptized 1740; died young.
10. Elizabeth, born 1741.
11. Benjamin, born February 21, 1744.

William Presson, son of Randall and Sus-
anna (Stone) Presson, born at Beverly, April
20, 1737, died at Gloucester, December 20,
1814. Like his father William was a tailor.
He married, August 6, 1761, by the Rev. Sam-
uel Chandler, Abigail, daughter of John Sar-
[…]Children of William
and Abigail (Sargent) Presson:
1. Abigail, born July 15, 1762; married Isaac Trask.
2. Lucy, born February 23, 1764; married James Andrews, of Essex.
3. Betsey, born July 10, 1766; married, January 19, 1787, Andrew Parsons.
4. Mary, born June 28, 1769; married Zenas Cushing.
5. Priscilla, born October 5, 1772; married James Shackleford.
6. William, born January 13, 1775, died December 8, 1830.
7. Susanna, born August 6, 1777, died 1779.
8. Susanna, born July 27, 1780; married Robert Newman, of Boston.
9. Easter, born February 1, 1783; married Zenas Cushing, for his second wife.

William Presson, sixth child of William
and Abigail (Sargent) Presson, born in
Gloucester, January 13, 1775, died December
8, 1830. He was a master mariner on the
high seas, and made frequent voyages with his
vessel to European ports and the West In-
dies. He was a prosperous man for his time
and accumulated considerable property. His
wife, whom he married, October 26, 1803, was
Sarah Eveleth, daughter of Alexander Par-
ran and his wife Elizabeth Eveleth;
daughter of Samuel Parran and his wife Ann
Smith, great-granddaughter of Alexander
Parran and his wife Mary Young (a Quaker-
ess), and great-great-granddaughter of John
Parran of Baynton, England, Esquire. […]
Children of William and Sarah Eve-
leth (Parran) Presson:
1. William, born April 13, 1805 died May 14, 1842, at Monroeville, on the west coast of Africa; was a ship
2. Alfred, born February 10, 1807; died October 22, 1873.
3. Charles Parran, born January 26, 1809; died November 6, 1868.
4 . Leonard Jarvis, born October 25, 1812; died January 5, 1864; married Caroline Winchester; seven children.
5. Sarah, born November 3, 1815; died September 18, 1857.

Alfred Presson, second son and child of
William and Sarah Eveleth (Parran) Pres-
son, born in Gloucester, February 10, 1807,
died in that city, October 22, 1873. In the
earlier part of his business life he followed the
sea, and afterward became secretary of the
Gloucester Marine Insurance Company, being
one of its principal officers for several years.
From about 1848 or ‘49 to the time of his
death he was treasurer of the Cape Ann Sav-
ings Bank. He married Mary Ann Moore,
daughter of John and Betsey (Rust) Moore
and by her had eight children, all sons:
1. Alfred, born March 29, 1838, now living in Gloucester.
2 and 3. Two sons, twins, died soon after birth.
4. William, born August 4, 1841, died of apoplexy in 1895; married Amelia Shepherd, daughter of Lemuel Shepherd; two sons, Alford Eveleth and William H.
5. George Herbert, born 1845, died 1847.
6. Herbert, born March 24, 1849, died suddenly in April, 1905.
7. Walter Parran, born April, 1853, died October, 1899; married (first), Ella McEachin; no children; married
(second), Jennie LeSeur and had two children : Herberta Parran and Walter Somerset.
8. Charles Parran, born November, 1859, now living in Chicago.

Leonard Jarvis Presson, fourth son and
child of William and Sarah Eveleth (Parran)
Presson, born in Gloucester, October 25, 1812,
died there January 5, 1864. In many ways he
was identified with the business life of the
town and was held in high regard by all of its
people. From 1834 to 1839 he was postmaster
of Gloucester, and from 1849 to 1859 was a
clerk in the office of the collector of customs.
In 1850 he was appointed deputy collector and
served in that capacity until 1863, then retired
on account of ill health. On November 2,
1833, he married Caroline M. Winchester,
born in 1814. daughter of John and Betsey
Winchester of Gloucester
. Leonard Jarvis
and Caroline M. (Winchester) Presson had
seven children:
1. Harriet Winchester, born September 7, 1834, died February 24, 1891; married, January 26, 1854 William A. Pew.
2. Caroline Matilda, born October 8. 1836, died unmarried February 12, 1899.
3. David Stanwood, born August 5, 1838, now president of the Gloucester Mutual Fisherman’s Insurance Company.
4. Leonard Jarvis. born October 1, 1840, died 1904.
5. Charles Barnes, born August 16, 1842, now living.
6. George Rogers, born August 6, 1845. died at San Francisco, California, October 22, 1901.
7. Mary Eliza, born December 24, 1847, married, April 14, 1875, John E. Somes.

Alfred Presson, eldest of the eight children
of Alfred and Mary Ann (Moore) Presson,
was born in Gloucester, March 29, 1838.
When about seventeen years old he took to
the sea as a sailor in a merchant ship, and at
the end of about one year returned in a whal-
ing vessel. In 1858 he entered business pur-
suits, and from that time until 188o was clerk
and later secretary of the New England
Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company.
Since 188o his attention has been devoted to
agricultural pursuits, besides which he gives
considerable time to meteorological work and
genealogical researches, in both of which
scientific fields he enjoys more than local cele-
brity. He is a life member of the New Eng-
land Historic Genealogical Society, a life
member of the Massachusetts Horticultural
Society and a member of the Essex County
Agricultural Society. He was brought up
under the influences of the Unitarian church,
and in politics originally was a Whig and
afterward a Republican. On March 12, 1898,
in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, Mr. Pres-
son married Sarah Elizabeth Parran
, who was
born June 1, 1851, and who through her
father, William A. Parran, also is a descend-
ant in the French line of Louis I, King of
France, whose father was the Emperor Char-

David Stanwood Presson, third child and
eldest son of Leonard Jarvis and Caroline M.
(Winchester) Presson, was born in Glouces-
ter, August 5, 1838, and since he was about
thirteen years old has made his own way in
life. He was educated in the Gloucester pub-
lic schools, but early left his books to take a
position as clerk in the office of the collector
of customs at Gloucester. After remaining
there about five years he took up bookkeep
ing. which was his principal occupation dur-
ing the next almost thirty years. In 1885 he
was appointed collector of customs at
G!oucester under the presidential administra-
tion of Mr. Cleveland and held that response-
ble office until 1890, when his republican suc-
cessor was appointed under the Harrison
administration. In the same year, however,
he was elected president of the Gloucester Mu-
tual Fishing Insurance Company, and still
serves in that capacity. In 1874-75 Mr. Pres-
son was a member of the city council of
Gloucester, and from about 1883 to 1886 was
a member of the city school board. He mar-
ried (first), August 8, 1866, Augusta Herrick,
born March 28, 1841, died October 16, 1869;
married (second) July 25. 1877, Ruthelia L.
Allen, daughter of John P. and Ruth Allen,
of Manchester. Massachusetts.
By his first
marriage Mr. Presson had two children:
John Somes Presson, born July i6, 1867, now living in Gloucester, and
Carrie Augusta Presson, born April 3, 1869, died May 17, 1870.