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We will list some the documents we already have on hand, that might inspire our writing.

James P. Preston information

Family Group Sheets - William Preston, Rev War Hero, Family

The following from GeneJ:

"Major" William Preston, father of the "Old Sheriff" - Obit and story - at age 87

Pension files of the "Major" - transcription from scans of original records

Death notice of Collins, second son of the "Major," at age 31 ?id=kFoLBC2TwFYC&pg=PA873&dq =Presson+Beverly+Mass

William Richard Cutter, _Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts_, vol. 2 (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1908); digital images, _Google Books_ ( : digitized 20 September 2006 from original at Harvard University), 2: 873-877, for Presson.

Just snippets, but this is the book from which I drew the passages about William at Saco court for fornication. --GJ ?id=wsIMAAAAYAAJ&q=Praesbury &dq=Praesbury&pgis=1

Presson stuff

Annette's Additions
New Hampshire Troops in the Quebec Expedition
This page provides an overview of William Preston's experiences on the march to Quebec
Page 211 shows the roster of his detachment -
Page 215 shows another roster of his detachment - Sept 1 1775
Page 217 shows money owed his company -
Page 219 shows that he received money for someone else "John Morgan"
Page 220 shows a list of people who haven't been paid in June 1775
Page 230 shoes that he was on Pierce's Island November 5, 1775.
Page 566 has William Presson of Rumney under Capt Stone in 1777
Page 656 has William Presson mustered March 21, 1777 and paid state bounty of $20. This is a second enlistment.

Thanks, Annette, for these additions ;-)