Another Revolutionary Hero Gone

Obit information summary:

Nearly each phrase of this obit suggests interesting elements to a story:

  1. Mr. William Preston, of Rumney, N.H., died lately at the advanced age of 87 years (in 1842).
  2. In the course of that glorious struggle which secured our independence,
  3. he was three months captive with the Indians,
  4. when a British general bought him of the natives for a keg of rum,
  5. and sent him to a prison at Quebec;
  6. there loaded with irons, and suffering from cold and hunger,
  7. he remained until the exchange of prisoners permitted him to resume the fatigues of the camp,
  8. and serve his country for several years.

Pension file information - partial:

Let's add some additional information on this gentleman, from his pension file (See William Preston Pension file)

Page 70 n.d.
(c 1818)
William Preston, “A list of my Famaly,” document in which he (apparently) writes,
1. I am now Sixty six years old my Wife fifty one
2. one son nineteen being out of health one Daughter nine years old ‐‐‐‐‐‐
3. I Enlisted in the Revolution War on the first of May 1775 in
4. Capt. Joshua Abbots Company, Colo. John Starks Regt.
5. which marched Immediately to Charlestown Ms, and was there at the Bunkerhill Battle and
continued there until Sept.
6. then I joined Capt Henry Dearborn’s company (now. Gen’l Dearborn) Benedict
Arnold was Commander of the detachment
7. we marched through the Province of Main so on to Quebeck‐‐‐
8. on the 30th day of December (morning) the day General
Montgomery was killed I was taken prisoner
9. where I remaind until Sept 1776 and the most part of sd time in Irons
10. from there I was put aboard a Ship and carried to New York where I was Exchang’d.
11. I got discharged and returnd Home the last of October 1776—
12. in January 1777 I enlisted in Capt. Benjamin Stones Company third New Hampshire Reg. Commanded by Elexander T. Cammels for three years
13. and marched immediately for Ticonderoque
14. in June following I was taken prisoner by the Indians
15. on the last of Sept I made my escape and joined my company
16. before the taking of Borquene
17. I was in the Battle at Monmouth in the year 1778
18. and in 1779 I went with Gen’l Sulivan up Suquehannah River so on to Genesee to Destroy the Indian Settlements
19. and was at Newton Battle with the Indians
20. in January 1780 I got my discharge as will appear in the War Office
21. I was a Sergeant in the Service of three years.

Willm Preſton
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